Travel: The Great Smoky Mountains

            Each year, my wife and I always travel for our anniversary. Last year, we decided to travel outside of the country to Ireland and man, what an experience that was. This year, we stayed in the states and went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Tennessee. Our plane landed at night in Knoxville, we picked up the rental car and off to The Black Fox Lodge. One thing that threw us for a loop is how dark and narrow some of the roads were leading us to our hotel. You really gotta pay attention or you’re going to end up off a cliff!


        There just something about seeing mountains that leaves you in awe. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the views were. We rode this tram lift at Ober Gatlinburg that took us to this wonderful view. Whats really amazing about the tram lift, is that you can see some the houses that are built within the mountains.

         I took a bunch of pictures of my wife during random moments which came out pretty funny, especially when she was in the middle of a sentence. So you’ll see quite a few of those photos in this blog(hopefully she wont get mad at me for posting them!)


     We also drove the rental car through some of the trails in the mountains as well. As stated earlier, those roads were narrow! You really had to drive slow and be extremely cautious. The scenic views were great.

This trip to the Smokey Mountains was incredible! Now is time to decided where we going next year. Below are more pictures of random moments