My Photo Editing Playlist

We all have our favorite songs to listen to when working, relaxing or browsing on the Internet. I have a whole playlist I listen to while editing photos that helps me get in the zone. Though I do have over 700 songs on my playlist, I do have my favorites that I listen when I first start editing.

  •      ChamberTime – This is a custom made Instrumental I created a LONG time ago(back in 2009). I sampled music from Dragon Ball Z to create this track. 9 times out of 10, this is the first song I listen to while editing. It's not the greatest beat ever, but I enjoy it.

  •     Decade by Nujabes: I wish this track was longer! Something about the piano chords and subtle bass line that really draws me to this track. It’s a simple track, but I love it. RIP Nujabes
  •     In Dreams by Ben Howard: I discovered this track while browsing online looking for new music. Soon as I heard it, I fell In love with it Instantly. I love variety in my playlist and this song definitely breaks up the monotony.

  •   Black Ice by Goodie Mob featuring OutKast: Anyone that truly knows me, knows that Im a big fan of the entire Dungeon Family. This is probably by 2nd most played song in my playlist

  •    Chugjug by Family of the Year: I first heard  this on a commercial. For the longest, I could’nt get any information on the artists of the song. Soon as I found out who it was, I added the song to the my playlist instantly.
  •     Deadline by Bones: I discovered Bones through a funny skit I saw on Facebook a year ago. This is probably one of my favorite songs from him. The song talks about how there isn't enough time in the day, which is exactly how I feel.
  •    Elevators by OutKast: As stated earlier, Im a huge fan of the Dungeon Family. OutKast is my favorite group of all time. I can listen to their music all day non stop and wont get tired of it.
  •    Coronus, the Terminator by Flying Lotus: Every time I listen to Flying Lotus's music, it puts me into another zone, especially this song. It just something about the vocals and the instrumentations in this song that I love so much.

This is only a few of my favorite songs that I listen to on my HUGE playlist. It helps me get focused, especially when I have a lot of photos to edit!