Face Off

Through out the years, I’ve developed a fascination with masks and helmets of all kinds. I don’t know how it started, all I know is I really enjoy collecting them. So me being a photographer, I’ve photograph some of favorites in a distinctive style to show the characteristics of the masks/helmets. Prints of these photos are available as well in the fine art section of the site.

Wakanda Forever

Reading the comics by Christoper Priest, Reginald Hudlin and Ta-Nehisi Coates, turned me into a fan. But none of this could’ve happened without its creator, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. I’ve always wanted the Black Panther helmet. So soon as I got it, the first thing I did was photograph it. The cool thing about his helmet, is that it lights up with a touch of a button. The color of the lights in the helmet was blue, but I changed the color to purple in Photo Shop so it can have the same look as it did in the movie. I use additional constant lights to add depth to the helmet

Black Panther Helmet.jpg


The Japanese culture is truly unique. One of the places I would love to visit is Japan. While out and about, I stumbled across this awesome replica of a Noh Mask. Traditionally, these masks are made and carved out of hinoki trees and are used In Japanese theater called Noh. The different Noh masks displays different styles of a character within the play; gender, social rankings etc. A variation of a Noh Mask is also wore by one of the favorite wrestlers in WWE, Asuka


It’s Morphin’ Time

What kid didn’t want to be a Power Ranger in the 90’s? Power Rangers took over my life while growing up. I had the pajamas, the t-shirts, the shoes, the Megazords, the toys and anything else you can imagine. During the summer of one year while i was in college, I tore my Achilles tendon. So I pretty much couldn’t do anything. One day, i decided to look up some Power Rangers history. What I didnt know was that Power Rangers is actually a show in Japan of the Super Sentai Series; ZyuRanger. Anyways, I wanted to give this helmet a sleek look while photographing.



One of my favorite wrestlers growing up, was Sting. He use to appear in the rafters, showing up in the ring and barely saying any words. It was mysterious and yet impactful. When he did show up, the crowd and other wrestlers knew someone is about to get hurt. He wasn’t always like this though. Sting use to have a vibrant personality with colorful face paint and energetic promos. That was until NWO took over WCW. He then changed his colorful paint into the Iconic black and white face paint, tailored after the 1994 movie, The Crow..


Master of the Knights of Ren

Kylo Ren is such a complex character. That’s why he is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars Universe. In the Episode 7 and 8, they’ve mentioned The Knights of Ren a few times. I’m hoping in the upcoming movie, we get to finally see them in action. I’m also hoping that there will some awesome helmets from them to add to my collection. I wanted to make this photo moody and dark to match Kylo Ren’s personality.


Once I add more helmets and mask to my collection, I will definitely be doing a part two to this.