Photo Tips and Shutter Clicks: Dramatic lighting with Kylo Ren

              I often go on YouTube for photography tips, always willing to learn something new. But one of the biggest things I hate while watching some of these videos, is that It takes forever to get to the main subject with the video; either It's a long obnoxious intro, or there is too much rambling in the beginning before the video gets to the good stuff. So I decided to start doing a quick and straight to the point video series on photography tips. My goal with these videos is to have it under 3 minutes and basically straight to the point. 

             The 1st video is with the dark Jedi from Star Wars, Kylo Ren! Well, a 31 Inch figurine of him that is. Yes I'm a big Star Wars fan if you're wondering and can't wait until The Last Jedi comes out.


               For this shoot, I use 2 light sources; a 430 EX II Speed light with a diffuser and a YN 360 continuous lightwand.  The cool thing about the YN 360 is that you can change the color of the light. The mixture between the cool toned speed light and the warm toned of light wand created a great contrast. Its like the light source represents the dilemma thats within Kylo Ren; torn between the light side and the dark side. 

My camera settings were the following;

  • F/8

  • ISO 125

  • 1 second shutter speed( I use a slow shutter speed to bring out the ambient light of the YN 360)

  • Shot on Canon 6D with 50mm STM Lens.

I did some test shots on my Kylo Ren and Red Ranger helmet as well. Hoped you enjoyed!