Building My Photo Booth

              For the longest, I've always wanted to incorporate a photo booth within my business. So I was looking into purchasing one with everything all intact; the DSLR, the mono light flash, the tablet, the printer and the kiosk itself. Thats until I saw the average price of buying one! I then realized that I already had most of the gear thats included in the booth already, just needed something to put everything In.

             So I purchased some tools, did a whole bunch of research, and got to building. I had a lot of fun building this and it inspired me to build more things in the future. This kiosk came a long way from what I started with!


            Probably the most difficult part of building the kiosk, was decorating It. I was going back and forth between what type of fabric to use and what I can add to jazz It up. But after what It seems like an eternity, I made up my mind and love the way It all came together! 


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