Narratives From The Realm: Desire- The Queen Of Spades

A while go, Desiry and I shot this concept character that came out great! I wanted to recreate that same concept and incorporate it into the Narratives From The Realm series. Enter the Queedom of Desire Edenas: The Queen of Spades! Modeled and styled by Desiry Witherspoon


"Even though Zoundia Leigh maybe the 2nd in command of Spadeland, she receives her direct orders from The Queen Of Spades herself. Desire Edena's leadership over Spadeland is unquestionably. Desire's Royal Association is the governing body over Spadeland; known for their signature cloaks which has been a tradition for many years.

Spadeland was once ruled The King and Queen, But the fall of The King left the small country in a vulnerable state. Under her Queendom, Desire formed a strong alliance with The Citian Council. Unlike most Queens, Desire is fully trained in combat, thanks to Rymmintal. Fearing for her fellow Spades from the soon to be 1 Gov Authority, The Queen of Spades requested  Rymmintal to personally train her fellow Spades to protect themselves from any threats on the outside or inside of Spadeland..."